Why a survey form?

Build your Avatar

How old is your avatar?

What’s your avatar’s problem?

Where does your avatar live?

Your Avatar

The main reason your ranking may not be high on search engines is because you don’t talk to your “Avatar.” If you miss addressing your avatar’s concern on your page, you’ll lose him/her right away.

That means bouncing, and to Google it means your page doesn’t deserve higher pages. 

Here comes a survey form handy. It can help you to shape your avatar:

Who your avatar is ?

What’s his/her concern?

What’s he/she challenging from?

Where she lives?

What she does?

And many demographic,  geographic, and behavioural concerns and factors. 


John Doe

Financial Adviser

When you know your avatar in detail, you are ready to connect, and talk from their hearth.

That’s the time that you can establish Authority, and trust. You’ll bring smile to your visitors face. You’ll create confidence that you are the person that he wants to do business with. 

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