This article is about the first important part of optimization of a web page. The video is showing the first important process to increase online visibility. So, first I’ll show you how to create site maps. Second, I’ll show you how to create Google Webmaster account. Third, I’ll walk you through Google Webmaster verification. Finally, I’ll show you what to do to let Google spiders crawl through your web pages by inserting sitemaps on Google Webmaster.

increase online visibility
Increase Online Visibility

Create online visibility

Online visibility gets more and more complicated as the number of websites exponentially increases on the cyber world. Consequently, Google which is holding about 90% of the searches in the United Stages, comes up with complex algorithms to rank websites fairly on their pages. However, we can help Google to find out about our pages by doing the following steps.

linking web pages internally

To create online visibility, you need to link you pages properly. And, let Google crawl into your page periodically. So, the fist important part to create visibility of your web pages are about how you link them internally. This is a part of On-page SEO, SEO specialists do. There is much more involved, and we are going to cover in sequence of articles on our Traffic Blog page. At this stage, internal linking is the key to let Google spiders to find a way to other pages, and index them for search engine ranking.

Increase online visibility

After you linked the pages you need to wait for “ugly” crawlers to come into your web pages and index them. The frequently of crawling depends on the authority and ranking of a domain. If you have a new website, probably it will take sometime to get indexing. So, to speed up this process, there are many ways. And, we cover our favorite method of speeding up Google Bot (robots, crawlers or spiders) crawling.

Google Webmaster Verification

Increase online visibility: create Site Maps

As I said, now it’s time to reveal how you can increase your online visibility on Google searches results. This is our favorite, and it requires a plugin to install on your WordPress website. There is an other advantage with this plugin (Yoast SEO), and it’s about the features that Yoast SEO offers to help optimizing web pages. However, this article is not meant to cover that detail, because we’ll cover much more about optimization on our Traffic Blog page latter. So, at this point we need the plugin to create site maps. This is covered on the video shared it on this page, so that it can help to increase online visibility.

Implement site maps on Google webmaster

Create Google Webmaster Account

Google webmaster is powerful tool to find out about your website. It tells you many details about how you site is functioning, how many visitors your website had, how many impression your website had, what are the errors that needs to be fixed, and many other information. In the video, I’ve shown how to setup Google webmaster. But, first you need another plugin to insert meta tag provided by Google Webmaster for verification purposes.

Google Webmaster Verification

So, to verify your site, you need to have access to your WordPress dashboard and then install a plugin that allows you to insert your Google Meta Tag. This is also show in the video. After installing the plugin, activating and inserting Google Meta Tag, you are ready to verify it on Google Webmaster. Do the steps as shown in the video.

insert sitemaps on Google Webmaster

One more done, and almost there. Now, it’s time to go back to Yoast SEO plugin and get part of sitemaps links. Then insert them one at a time on Google Webmaster SiteMaps section as shown in the video. However, you might see errors on pages. If you have errors that’s fine, because next it will be time to optimize the pages by fixing the errors.

Hiring an Agency

How to find the best solution to increase online visibility

Learn How to do things on your own

Here, we can offer 2 solutions, so that you can do your SEO on your own. The fist one is going through the sequence of Traffic Blogs we post to teach how to drive traffic online. And, the second one is joining to our sister company called Coach and Scale and get awesome training. Coach ans Scale offers a year long training program called Forever Green Coaching, and they go through full range of digital marketing topics.

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