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As one of TOP SEO Los Angeles, we provide SEO services to  implement  Local SEO, National SEO, eCommerce SEO, and International SEO marketing and attract warm audiences for businesses. Experience a top SEO company and improve your business. 

How We Optimize Websites

BEEZ Marketing Agency offers SEO services to small businesses in Los Angeles county. We have rigorous process to success. Firstly, our SEO specialists will analyze your business. Then, we will seek to find the problems your website might have. Generally, these problems come from your website not being SEO friendly. Therefore, our team will help you resolve this issue with implementing SEO into your website. Moreover, it will help your website get more visitors and rank higher. Hence, SEO  will help your website build high ranking, so you can over rank your competitors locally

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SEO Los Angeles is the core factor to attract clients online around the Los Angeles area. BEEZ Marketing Agency is a  SEO company in Los Angeles. The solution for your website to rank higher is just simply implementing our professional SEO services. Basically, we will analyze your personalized website and find solutions that will benefit your website drastically. In addition, we will improve your content to attract more visitors. Our services are as transparent as shown the detail work.

  •  Google Analytics Account Setup to analyze and improve traffic 
  • Google Webmaster Setup for website optimization and error checking
  • Google My Business Setup to improve recognition 
  • Google Site Setup to bring more traffic
  • Google Global Tag Setup for traffic measurement
  • Google Remarketing Tag Setup for Tracking purpose and future pay per click ads
  • Google Analytics and Search Linking Setup
  • Google Plus Setup to improve online reputation 
  • Google Dashboard Setup for reporting purpose 

Scope of our Seo services

We ensure a high drive of visitors to your Search engine optimized website. Importance of search engine optimization is about driving organic traffic to your website with. Implementing SEO Marketing Services is  important. Therefore, we analyze your industry and identify the strongest keywords. Then, we change your content around to focus on these keywords and key phrases. Eventually, this will generate a huge amount of traffic around your website. For this purpose, you need to take advantage of our SEO services and start generating the traffic your business deserves. 

Great Seo services Process

Here are few of the key steps we take for our great clients, utilizing world’s top ranking software, such as Ahref, Moz, Semrush, Spyfu, Mejesticseo, Raven, Isponpage, Woorank …

  •  On page optimization with all H1, H2, H3 implementation  
  • SEO Tittle for Search Engine page recognition 
  • Meta Description implementation for visitor engagement 
  • Image optimization for Image SEO and traffic Boost 
  • Keyword research using the top  SEO tools and list building
  • Competitive research to find ranking keywords and list building
  •  Top ratted plugin purchasing, installation and activation 
  • Schema Coding for Local ranking
  • Off page optimization to accelerate and ramping of website ranking 
SEO Services
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local seo services: Local Traffic: improves word of month

Our local SEO services have proven track records in boosting site rankings, web traffic and visibility. We improvise and improve the visibility of your website among your local competitors. Additionally, we optimize your website through analyzing your SEO weaknesses and working to find solutions. On the other hand, without Los Angeles SEO, your business will lose attention and be left out the competition. Thus, you need to take action and start optimizing your website, so you do not fall behind. Finally, your solution to implement your SEO Los Angels, by leave it a professional SEO agency.

What Makes us top seo company in Los angeles

Recently our agency was considered to be one of the best SEO companies in the Los Angeles area. This is because our Los Angeles SEO company strategizes web design to improve your ranking on Google. Following that, we focus on designing pages to improve reputation and engagement. In addition, we implement a rich data structure to advance SEO and improve engagement. Furthermore, you can learn about our strategies on our SEO page. At the end, if you want to learn about organic ranking, sign up for a training with Coach and Scale.

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Why You need SEO Expert

Strategies of SEO Game

We following real time tell everyday Google Algorithm audit. Red bars are the shaking days for websites. Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, audit the sites and and reduce the ranking with falsifying SEO strategies. That’s why you need a great SEO  expert to rank your business high and keep it there.  There are many important factors  cannot be missed to achieve a great SEO result. Scroll down for a general information about search engine optimization. 

SEO Questions Asked Frequently

Monthly cost of SEO depends on  the objectives. The SEO Cost depends on the type of optimization on the website, such as Local SEO, National SEO or Ecommerce SEO.  Ultimately pricing depends on the size of the business, type of the business, time to reach the goal, ranking of the website, authority of the  web pages, age of the website, trust flow of the web pages and many other factors.

If you have a website to attract traffic then SEO is a definite step to take. Because, proper proper search engine optimization will improve the visibility of the website. As a result, this can impact to bring clients. 

Local SEO or locally search engine optimization is set of procedures our SEO exerts in Los Angeles do to help recognition of the business, locally. The consistency of the information, NAP is critical for search engines such as Google for local ranking. Additionally local SEO is a powerful tool for businesses to rank locally, keeping the remote companies out of sight? 

National SEO is a set of procedural work our SEO specialist in Los Angeles do  on page and off page to improve ranking. Meanwhile, this national SEO require constant maintenance due to competitive ranking. As a result, this helps the website or webpage get better results on SERP, search engine result page. 

On page SEO is the work our SEO firm in Los Angeles do to on the page. This includes, adding SEO title, Meta Description, H1, H2, H3 titles, image optimization, rich data structure snippets, webmaster setup, sitelink development, SEO readability, page loading speed, and many others.

Off page SEO is about the work BEEZ Marketing Agency’s SEO expert team does to improve page authority. We do many ways off the page to improve the “authority” of the website. Backlinks are powerful methods of improving the authority. 

Backlinks are the backbone of organic ranking. They are like endorsement about validity and trustworthy of a site. However, the endorsement has to be from a “trustworthy” website. This helps Google to “score” a site for higher “keyword difficulty” keywords.

Briefly, Rich Data Structure Snippets are programming codes that helps Google to get more accurate information about the webpage. Schema.org is the “middle man to help Google.” Meanwhile, data structure can improve SERP, (search engine result page). In addition, it’s great tool to help businesses to create more and different type of engagement on SERP, such as reviews, FAQ, images, videos, recipes. In summery, it can help a website to improve CTR (click through rate).

The cost of SEO is not only about the impact that it can make on a business. But, SEO is expensive because of the amount of required to go through the On Page and Off Page challenges. This process has to be repeated for months to 

The best SEO service is the service offered by an “updated” digital marketing agency. Digital marketing world is experiencing changes every second. Great knowledge of mathematics to understand matix, and algorithm can help better predictions about algorithm change and understanding the code concept. Well programming knowledge to implement modern developments can help to utilize new strategies, like rich data structure and others. Our SEO Los Angeles Expert implement rich snippet and help businesses to get quick visibility and engagement. 

We utilize many tools to get the best results. As I mentioned digital marketing world experiences constant improvement and  the best SEO company has to keep up with the trend. We use advanced SEO Tools such as Ahrefs, Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, Google Tags Manager, Majestics. These are the tools we use, however you may find some other awesome SEO Tools online. 

Implementing SEO properly cannot be free. At some point you will need to purchase tools. However, you can learn the work and do it as what we do. There are digital marketing course to get help and to do it on your own. But, as I said you will need to pay for some kind of tools at some point to do a great job.

Google offers keyword planner to learn about competitive keywords. However, there are much more advanced and more accurate tools to get better results. Also, Google offers Webmaster tool for indexing and crawling purposes. And, for Local SEO Google my business can help for ranking. But, to get better results more citations are recommended. 

There are many reasons for fluctuations of rankings. One reason could be improvement of competitors ranking. An other reason could be due to updates from Google. An other scarry reason could be due to Google algorithm changes. And, of course there could be many reason which Google keeps them hidden from us. At the end of the day a great SEO specialist will find a way to go around. 

We are different for couple of very important reasons. First, we are one of the fast growing digital marketing companies. Second, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, or after 60 days we refund 100% back. Third, We practice what we preach, because Coach and Scale is our sister company. We offer a year long digital marketing workshop called Forever Green Coaching. 

I’ll explain how to rank high on Google searches with an example: Let’s say you have mathematics background, and if you go college you need to take Math 101. College requires to take an exam, so you need to prove it to them. Or, if you have transcript and referrals that’ll be helpful to let you in higher math class. After registering and attending you need to perform well to stay in that class.  

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