Secret of Attracting Ideal Clients

Assume pyromaniafire is your site and I’m analyzing is it for you. So this is made for you.

Take a look at this and let me know what you think?

I spent so much time (more than 4 hours) to prepare this for you. Going over this you’ll see how much time I spent to show you realize what’s the biggest problem here.

It takes me some time to find businesses like yours.

However I spend much more to find out what’s wrong with their online presence. When I do, I share with them for free.

So this report, and images is all about that.

If you want to learn how to lift your business up to a new level, study this report and find, what’s wrong with your website, what your competitors are doing, and how you can accomplish that.

I personally prepared the report about pyromaniafire, for you and for free.

I found out you sell Fire pit, and unfortunately your website doesn’t attract a single organic traffic from the people who search for businesses like yours (I’ll show you how I know about this)

And, I’ll show you how many people search  for products you sell per month, so that you know what you’re missing.

Fire pit is one example with a really high search volume, 86,000 search per month out of many that your website can attract clients into your business if it is optimized properly.

Firepit is a second example with  31,000 search volume  per month.

And look at the graph for the top 5 companies that  take about the most of the potential buyers who search for fire pit . As I’ve shown it bellow in the image they attract 65,000 out of 86,000 traffic per month.

Here is the detail of how much each one of them get, starting with homedepot attracting 33,642 Traffic per month only looking for fire pit.

and remember that’s only one of the keywords out of many to attract buyers.

Because there are many different types of queries people do to find their store.

Here’s a huge list (126,514) fire pit related keywords that can let people learn about the products that you sell.

Remember, each one of the searches may land on your website to see your products.

Now besides this report, I have a gift for you to know the top 1000 of them that have the high volume of searches per month.

Download the file for free for your site optimization…

So that you’ll know what to rank for when you want to optimize your site. However there is more detail to it for making the best optimization strategy.

Now do you want to know how your online presence is?

ZERO organic Traffic, means no one lands on your site, as shown in the report below.

43 Organic Keywords, means you only have 43 keywords that Google can rank you on their site for people to find you. But there is a big problem with your keywords, and I’ll show you shortly.

Here is about the most important part which is about your site, and the keywords.

There are multiple big problems

  1. They are not on the first, or second page, means the position is not 1 – 20, (this problem by itself is the first important thing that needs to be solved)
  2. The keywords are not relevant to your site, many of them are related to fire protection businesses. (Google is ranking you as a fire protection company, and as soon as people land on your website and find out you are a fire pit company they leave. Because Google thinks you are a fire protection company. This will make Google to rank you even worse. That’s what the red arrow are about)
  3. The volume of the searche are very low (20, 40, 70, 100)

I can mention at least 12 important factors. And it will make this report twice as big. You don’t want to know  about it, because they are very technical, unless you want to become an SEO expert. Many SEO companies don’t know them all.

Breifly what’s going on:

  1. They are not relevant,
  2. They have to little volume
  3. Not positioned on first, second or even the third page (positions up to 30)
  4. Drive wrong visitors. 
  5. Very few keywords, only you are ranked for 27 brand base keywords.

I attached the keywords you are ranking, as a second tip and bonus for you.

Yes, some of the keywords even drive wrong traffic.

Here is an example of ranking on a wrong keyword, and you have the position of 75, at this time

Let me tell  you what your competitors are doing, how much traffic they are getting, what they are ranking for, very briefly. is an example of a competitor with better optimized website,

So you can see how it’s ranking, what kind of traffic it attracts, what is the position, how many potential buyers land on their site.

As shown by Ahref report, has 617 organic traffic per month, with 3800 organic keywords. This site is using every possible type of keyword and keyphrase to rank and sale their products. With 3800 key phrases.

Encino Fireplace  is an example of my own client that sales and services fireplaces and BBQ grill.

Their online present wasn’t so good at all only 4 months ago. Their website didn’t have traffic. Store didn’t have walkins. and they weren’t getting calls or emails requesting about their products or services. They didn’t rank on Google for any good keyphrase.

They seek my help to drive traffic to their website.

I researched and analyzed what they stand on Google searches. I interviewed what kind of clients they are looking for. I analyzed their competitors. I did lots of analysis about the weakness of their website. I created many accounts for them, and …

I found powerful keywords that may bring clients for them. Type of keyphrases that have high volume, and the type of keywords that buyers use.

I found keywords like

Fireplace store

Fireplace stores

Fireplace shop

Fireplace sales

Gas fireplace

Fireplace mantels

And many others.

Then I found the volume of searches. I needed to make judgments. Does this keyphrase worth optimizing the site for a small volume?

Eventually I optimized their site for money keywords with more than 200 searches per month.

Here is the result:

  • I’m helping them to get 627 traffic  to land on their website per month, so far.
  • I helped them to rank on Google for 4900 keywords or keyphrases, so far and it’s still growing.

Here is the report for their traffic

Here is more screenshot of their ranking

Now,  instead of me sharing all 600 plus searches. You search it yourself. You’ll see their ranking.

Like Fireplace key word had 91 searches in May/June 2020. search and see where encino fireplace is ranking.


Fireplace sales

Fireplace store key phrase ranking

Fireplace stores key phrase ranking

And even one of the highest in volume keywords with 91,000 searches per month in the united states

Fireplace, Encinofireplace is on Google’s page one and is ranking number 2 today on the first page of Google.

We were able to beat Homedepot, Lowes, Amazon, and all billion dollar companies and rank better than them.

Isn’t that awesome.

It’s a pride for me.

Because I was able to reduce the tension and stress from their life, help them to grow big, and be hopeful about the future of their business.

It took me a  lot of work, adjustment, updates, research, but the result is worthed. Consequently, they want me to keep pushing their site forward. So that they can rank better than competitors, and absorb more buyers.

I do this almost for any niche, medical field, construction, education, restaurants, and you name it.

My name is Norair, people know me as Mike as well. I have a graduate degree in automation and controls. I automate Amazon equipment as well. BEEZ Marketing Agency is my company to help businesses.

I put all of these together for you to realize how I can be helpful to you.

I put one time good effort into contacting a business and offering my service, and I don’t send a chain of useless emails.

I showed you how I can help you to level up your business with my help with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What can be the future of your business, by driving so much traffic to your site.

Now, it’s your turn to decide.

Do you want to stay where you are, with a broken site, with no visibility and attraction.


Move up your business to a very new high level

If that’s your choice:

Give me a call now

Ask for our Crushing Media SEO Plan,

And join our successful client’s list like Encino Fireplace.


BEEZ Marketing Agency


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