Are you struggling to keep up with competition? Are you challenged to expand the business? Can you keep up the inflation? Are you able to have a good sleep? How’s the family life after a challenged business.

This is my experience talking to prospects and clients. If you are on this page now, you also might have some sort of concern to fix things in your business. It shouldn’t always be in painful state, you might have a concern to expand your business. I get it. I’m doing the same.

Hi again my name is Norair Vertanus. I am an educator for 16 years. I used to have 4 tutoring locations in LA, and I tutored more than 2000 students in the last 16 years. I have  Bachelors and Masters degrees in electronics concentration in controls. I worked  as an automation control engineer for 4 years. We’ve done marketing for many businesses, we still do. I realized to utilize my educational, engineering and marketing experience to create marketing courses for businesses. 398885_331596020192180_1749211844_n

My vast experience in programming, engineering, education, mathematics and marketings helped me to create a simple and short marketing courses for businesses and coaches.

Throughout the course you will be exposed and experience yourself. My marketing courses are in multiple phases for different niches, depending the needs of their marketing campaign. And each phase have bundled with multiple packages. You can go through the packages with the least amount of  time possible to learn.

The packages are designed to help nontechnical people, walking through all the steps. The courses are developed to help small businesses and coaches to market their own business. Utilizing this knowledge will empower you to even create marketing campaign for others, or start a marketing business.