Google Business site for Free Traffic

Learn how to dominate the local competition with a FREE Google business site.

Google Business site is the least expensive way of getting clients in to a business. However, you need to know how to utilize the right tool to build a google my business site of your business. There are many other powerful tools from Google beneficial for businesses we’ll mention into this article.

Advantaging from Google Business Site

Google Business Site is one great, and free source of traffic to utilize for local searches. Furthermore, this extraordinary tool “separates” many businesses from their online competitors. Because, many online businesses are dominating search engine result pages (SERP) with strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. But, they have the disadvantage of local SEO. Google Business Site (Google My Business site) empowers businesses with physical locations to rank on Google Map. Consequently such businesses can rank high easily without getting pushed down the ranking from online competitors.

Building a Google business site

Google My business map is very useful for businesses to get organic (Free) traffic before they “bug down” from Yelp or other massive “invaders” of the first page”. A business with Google account can setup Google Business Site for free, rank on Google Map, Create Google post to promote offers and save the marketing budget. However, if you don’t have time, and you want to hire an expert marketing company to take care of your Local SEO, BEEZ Marketing Agency is the top ranking digital marketing agency in Los Angeles helping businesses to get Organic traffic. Meanwhile, if you want to learn how to do these things on your own, our sister company Coach and Scale Inc. ( offers marketing coaching online.

Business site on Google

Google Console

Google Console is a bit technical. This a day to day source of website designers at BEEZ Marketing Agency. Thus, our SEO service wouldn’t rank the top SEO Company in Los Angeles without Google console. By the way, it’s known as Google Search Console. This is a powerful tool to monitor business performance. However, it’s not for a Google business site. Console Google is for businesses to monitor the performance of their private websites, and maintain it. Google admins only has the power to setup the Google console, and find out about the performance of the website. BEEZ Marketing Agency provides many reports, and dashboards and utilizing many tools to get an accurate report for their clients about their websites’s performance.

Google Search Console

Google Calculator

I don’t know a business with no need to a calculator. And, I haven’t seen a business to use Google calculator. Such a free tool can help a business at to minimize calculator errors. If you have a Google account or you are a Google admin of an account, you can use such a powerful tool for free. Now, this tool can make you laugh, but we have seen many businesses get frustrated when they don’t have their calculator by themselves. So, It’s good to know there is such a tool for free with a Google account.

Google Chrome store

Google Chrome store is like golden toolbox for digital marketers. This powerful store offers many features even for a non-techy individuals and business owners. Our agency in Los Angeles county uses Google chrome store to find any possible extensions to utilize for our agency work.

Google Chrome Store

Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extension is one of the best tools out there online. Because Google utilizes other geniuses programmers’ mind, and tools and allows them to add their extension to Google Chrome Store. Moreover, there are many tools out there you can search and install them. After installing the extension an icon will pop up on the top right side of the Chrome. Note, Google extensions are available only on Chrome browsers. If you don’s have a Chrome browser, you can download it for free. Afterward there are endless possibilities of extensions to utilize for a business use. So, you can search up and find out what you need for your business.

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