How to use free Google Website and Google Maps for more Visibility

You can create your desired website for your business using Google Website for
free. This helps your business rank higher on Google Maps, if done correctly. It is surprising to
see how so many people can take advantage of this opportunity, yet they fail to and their
business loses the potential it could have with utilizing Google Website and Google Maps
correctly. With Google Maps, you can add extra information about your business such as
pictures, your personalized Google Website, Google Street View and many more. Additionally,
these will help you rank higher on Google Maps, attracting more customers to your website.
Furthermore, you can make your business even more successful and well known with creating a personalized profile on Google My Business.


1.Creating a google website for your business

With the technology advancing every year, it is drastically important for businesses to have
websites of their own. This helps customers to find their desired store or product with just a
simple click. It should be noted that Google allows people to create their own personalized
websites for free. Businesses can take a great advantage of this tool and make a personalized
website of their own. Following this, google website will allow you to have a stronger connection
with the customers and easily meet their needs, benefiting your business.

Advantages of Google Maps for your business

Initially Google Maps can help your business get recognized in a very simple manner. With
adding Information on your Google Website and linking it to Google Maps, you can rank higher.
Therefore, you will get more recognition in your area with just a simple Google Search. Google
Maps can help you build more trust, create a better connection, have better access to your
target audience and help customers make the right choices. Along with directly linking Google
Places to your website, you can also link it to Google My Business. Furthermore, Google my business allows you to acquire reviews from you clients. Sending your review link to your clients can help you to control your reputation online on Google maps.

Utilizing Google Street View for Google Maps

Adding pictures of your business on Google Street View can also help with the recognition of
your business. The more information there is out there about on Google website, the easier it will be for you to attract customers. In addition to adding pictures of the outdoors view of your
local business, you can also upload a 360-degree virtual tour of the indoors look of your office or
store. Google Street View is a direct extension of Google Places and Google Local and can
connect customers to Street View on Google Maps.

If you want to hire an agency to take care of Your visibility online, its refereed as Local SEO. Beez Marketing Agency additionally helps businesses improve their visibility on Bing. Moreover, for SERP (Search Engine result page) ranking we have a rigorous process to rank higher on search engines result page. This process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ways Google My Business Can Attract Customers

You can easily help people to get to know about your services or your products with a Google
My Business profile. You can manage your page with updating information like address, hours,
availability, phone number and etc. Indeed, you can connect with your community using Google
Local along with Google My Business and easily to turn your page visitors into customers. With
your Google My Business account, you can also get feedback from customers and make them

Google Places can help your Business promote on Google Website

Google Places and Google Maps have become an important part of more than 1 billion people
from all around the world. Moreover, people use it to find places, stores, products and services.
This is why it’s so important to have an attractive profile on Google places, which can bring
more and more customers and eventually help you rank higher on Google Maps. With the help
of Google Places, you can simply control and edit the information Google Website provides to
customers and visitors.

Google Local

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