It’s beautiful how digital marketing can effect many people’s life. Now, everyone can do marketing for his or her own business. We offer DIGITAL MARKETING COURSES simple and sweet.

I’ve been there. I learned marketing for my own business. I was broke paying for advertising on TV, or hiring some one to get me result on “Organic” traffic. Lack of communication was an other problem. The result was taking a long time, and marketer was overwhelmed with the amount of work he should have done for only couple of  clients. Constant adjustment and tuning, Google algorithm change, Facebook business maneuvers, all and all reducing the productivity of the marketer. It was costly for our business too. We just had a local small business providing tutoring, forgot sake.


How much could we offered? We didn’t want to rip off families for their child’s educational needs ($50 to $99 per hour like some tutoring businesses do).


You know I said enough is enough, like Samuel Jackson. I took many courses, I spent lots of money, I spent lots of time, I slept with my laptop, I was scammed, and I didn’t give up to learn, with the hope I can help my own business.

Marketing Courses for a Small Business
Invest on learning how to grow your business 10x

More important, I can teach to others how to run their own marketing campaign.


Digital Marketing Courses for Small Business

I don’t have Lambergini like many marketers take pictures. I have a Honda Oddessi that I love it. I don’t scam you on any of my product. It’s guaranteed. You don’t like it I’ll refund. I want you to learn. I know if I am beneficial to you, you won’t hesitate to pay me for what I’ve been through.  After all, I was an educator for many years. That’s how my character is built up.

I’ve promised to myself to share anything I learn about marketing. I’ll make it so simple and cheap so you don’t need to buy lots of software and equipment, like I was scammed many and many times. And I’ll tell you why latter.


Digital marketing course will provide training  and procedural eBooks about “Organic” and “PPC” marketing strategies.

Organic traffic stands for a type of traffic driven by search engines. We’ll cover necessary steps to optimize your website to be detectable by audience.

PPC …..