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Business Blog

BEEZ Marketing Agency’s Business Blog page is find helpful tips for business to reach out to more clients, and serve more people.

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Big Business Blog

Our blog page is meant to deliver most frequently wanted, and concerns from businesses to deliver great insights. Multiple parts of this page will always update information. 

BBB on this page doesn’t refer Best Business Bureau. Beez Marketing Agency refers it as Big Business Blog.

Big Business Blog (BBB) is to cover topics about business improvements. It will revolve around promoting a website online for more traffic, and engagement, to serve more people.

Web design in Burbank

WE are

Top Web Design Agency Upcity Certified Partner

Business Marketing Application


Top SEO Company In Los Angeles

top digital marketing agency


Top Digital Marketing Agency
Upcity Certified Partner.

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This link will take you to a page related to tools and tricks of improving a business. 


This section of Big Business Blog is about marketing. We cover possible methods of marketing both free (Organic) and paid. Traffic is the result of great marketing. We believe marketing as a lucrative task to solve problems. 


This is the most important section of our blog page. Because without a content service (or you can call it sales) is not possible.

BBB will put a great effort to keep this page updated for business owners.

How to use free Google Website and Google Maps for more Visibility

You can create your desired website for your business using Google Website for
free. This helps your business rank higher on Google Maps, if done correctly. It is surprising to
see how so many people can take advantage of this opportunity, yet they fail to and their
business loses the potential it could have with utilizing Google Website and Google Maps
correctly. With Google Maps, you can add extra information about your business such as
pictures, your personalized Google Website, Google Street View and many more. Additionally,
these will help you rank higher on Google Maps, attracting more customers to your website.
Furthermore, you can make your business even more successful and well known with creating a personalized profile on Google My Business.


1.Creating a google website for your business

With the technology advancing every year, it is drastically important for businesses to have
websites of their own. This helps customers to find their desired store or product with just a
simple click. It should be noted that Google allows people to create their own personalized
websites for free. Businesses can take a great advantage of this tool and make a personalized
website of their own. Following this, google website will allow you to have a stronger connection
with the customers and easily meet their needs, benefiting your business.

Advantages of Google Maps for your business

Initially Google Maps can help your business get recognized in a very simple manner. With
adding Information on your Google Website and linking it to Google Maps, you can rank higher.
Therefore, you will get more recognition in your area with just a simple Google Search. Google
Maps can help you build more trust, create a better connection, have better access to your
target audience and help customers make the right choices. Along with directly linking Google
Places to your website, you can also link it to Google My Business. Furthermore, Google my business allows you to acquire reviews from you clients. Sending your review link to your clients can help you to control your reputation online on Google maps.

Utilizing Google Street View for Google Maps

Adding pictures of your business on Google Street View can also help with the recognition of
your business. The more information there is out there about on Google website, the easier it will be for you to attract customers. In addition to adding pictures of the outdoors view of your
local business, you can also upload a 360-degree virtual tour of the indoors look of your office or
store. Google Street View is a direct extension of Google Places and Google Local and can
connect customers to Street View on Google Maps.

If you want to hire an agency to take care of Your visibility online, its refereed as Local SEO. Beez Marketing Agency additionally helps businesses improve their visibility on Bing. Moreover, for SERP (Search Engine result page) ranking we have a rigorous process to rank higher on search engines result page. This process is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ways Google My Business Can Attract Customers

You can easily help people to get to know about your services or your products with a Google
My Business profile. You can manage your page with updating information like address, hours,
availability, phone number and etc. Indeed, you can connect with your community using Google
Local along with Google My Business and easily to turn your page visitors into customers. With
your Google My Business account, you can also get feedback from customers and make them

Google Places can help your Business promote on Google Website

Google Places and Google Maps have become an important part of more than 1 billion people
from all around the world. Moreover, people use it to find places, stores, products and services.
This is why it’s so important to have an attractive profile on Google places, which can bring
more and more customers and eventually help you rank higher on Google Maps. With the help
of Google Places, you can simply control and edit the information Google Website provides to
customers and visitors.

Google Local

Google Business site for Free Traffic

Learn how to dominate the local competition with a FREE Google business site.

Google Business site is the least expensive way of getting clients in to a business. However, you need to know how to utilize the right tool to build a google my business site of your business. There are many other powerful tools from Google beneficial for businesses we’ll mention into this article.

Advantaging from Google Business Site

Google Business Site is one great, and free source of traffic to utilize for local searches. Furthermore, this extraordinary tool “separates” many businesses from their online competitors. Because, many online businesses are dominating search engine result pages (SERP) with strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. But, they have the disadvantage of local SEO. Google Business Site (Google My Business site) empowers businesses with physical locations to rank on Google Map. Consequently such businesses can rank high easily without getting pushed down the ranking from online competitors.

Building a Google business site

Google My business map is very useful for businesses to get organic (Free) traffic before they “bug down” from Yelp or other massive “invaders” of the first page”. A business with Google account can setup Google Business Site for free, rank on Google Map, Create Google post to promote offers and save the marketing budget. However, if you don’t have time, and you want to hire an expert marketing company to take care of your Local SEO, BEEZ Marketing Agency is the top ranking digital marketing agency in Los Angeles helping businesses to get Organic traffic. Meanwhile, if you want to learn how to do these things on your own, our sister company Coach and Scale Inc. ( offers marketing coaching online.

Business site on Google

Google Console

Google Console is a bit technical. This a day to day source of website designers at BEEZ Marketing Agency. Thus, our SEO service wouldn’t rank the top SEO Company in Los Angeles without Google console. By the way, it’s known as Google Search Console. This is a powerful tool to monitor business performance. However, it’s not for a Google business site. Console Google is for businesses to monitor the performance of their private websites, and maintain it. Google admins only has the power to setup the Google console, and find out about the performance of the website. BEEZ Marketing Agency provides many reports, and dashboards and utilizing many tools to get an accurate report for their clients about their websites’s performance.

Google Search Console

Google Calculator

I don’t know a business with no need to a calculator. And, I haven’t seen a business to use Google calculator. Such a free tool can help a business at to minimize calculator errors. If you have a Google account or you are a Google admin of an account, you can use such a powerful tool for free. Now, this tool can make you laugh, but we have seen many businesses get frustrated when they don’t have their calculator by themselves. So, It’s good to know there is such a tool for free with a Google account.

Google Chrome store

Google Chrome store is like golden toolbox for digital marketers. This powerful store offers many features even for a non-techy individuals and business owners. Our agency in Los Angeles county uses Google chrome store to find any possible extensions to utilize for our agency work.

Google Chrome Store

Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extension is one of the best tools out there online. Because Google utilizes other geniuses programmers’ mind, and tools and allows them to add their extension to Google Chrome Store. Moreover, there are many tools out there you can search and install them. After installing the extension an icon will pop up on the top right side of the Chrome. Note, Google extensions are available only on Chrome browsers. If you don’s have a Chrome browser, you can download it for free. Afterward there are endless possibilities of extensions to utilize for a business use. So, you can search up and find out what you need for your business.

Client Review

Client Reviews

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Actionable Analytics

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Clients share their experience


Mark Adams

Mike Manos
Beez Marketing Agency was very helpful for my business. Our business website was new and not recognized by search engines. But, Beez Marketing Agency helped our business to get recognized very fast on google search engine. We ranked on the first page before businesses who existed more than 15 years. Beez Marketing Agency also ranked our other locations (Sis Tutoring Center) very high number 1 and 2 on google map (Google Business) as shown with the pictures. This web design and marketing agency, used Search engine optimization (SEO and Local SEO) to rank us high on the first page.
Nancy Shahmoradian

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Local SEO

Why Local Seo Marketing

Local SEO Marketing is the core factor to attract clients locally online. As one of the best Local SEO companies in Los Angeles, we have a long list of procedures to help a business to get better ranking and visibility.


BEST SEO practice

guidelines to optimum Local SEO Marketing

Lack of  proper Local SEO strategies on a website is the first step to fail attracting clients online. Yet, Local SEO strategies with best local SEO practice can help search engines understand about the “detail” of  the content. As a result this helps them  to make the content visible to the relevant inquiries. As one of top leading SEO Agencies in Los Angels our full commitment drives the best results for our clients. 

Local SEO services

Without Local SEO Marketing Business are Lost

SEO allows Google to find transparent websites. It’s not keyword stuffing anymore like in 2002. It’s a mechanism to help businesses to find right clients for their offers. In contrast without SEO means leaving out the businesses on it’s one on the cyber world. Let Best Marketing Agency take care of Schema coding. With this in mind, BEEZ Marketing Agency with great reputation offers unique Local SEO Services. 

Local SEO in LA

What is the best local SEO practice?

There are sequence of steps for the best local SEO practices both on page SEO and off page SEO. In summery a webpage has to be engaging for visitors to deliver valuable content rather than stuffed by keywords. This requires prior “spying” competitors websites, and interviewing clients to find out the best key phrase for the content. When it comes to off page SEO strategies, we work with Google,  Bing, Yandex, Schema, and let them know about the content of the pages, and how the pages create network on the site. That being the case, hire a Local SEO company like BMA that serves a full SEO and digital marketing services. 

Why Local SEo strategy is the meat and soul of a website?

With out an engaging content both textually and technically visitors bounce. And this is not hidden from Googles’ or other search engines’ eyes. Because, they time the engagement period. And if the engagement is long enough they push the website rank higher for the relevant searches. But, what are the local SEO ranking factors, beside a good content. 

Also, loading speed of a page, and responsiveness of a page to smart devices are two most important factors of ranking high on search results. Because search engines like Google or Bing want to deliver the  best search result experience for the visitors.

Best SEO Companies in Los Angeles

As a result our affordable website design team takes on-page SEO aspect of a website into consideration when BEEZ Marketing Agency is hired to provide a SEO friendly content. For the most part, the content is the “meat” of the page. Similarly, a factor such as user interface also needs to be considered to design an engaging website. Next, off-page seo is the soul of Local SEO practice. In brief it’s the work to be done and let search engines and Schema recognize the site entirely. 

How to get full proof local SEO Marketing

There are only 2 ways to make your business standout locally, and they both end up optimizing your website for local searches. First, it’s either a do it yourself project, and you want to do it on your own. Or, second you need to hire a professional local SEO company to help you out. Now, the good news is that we help businesses with both cases. So, if you want to learn how to do it on your own Coach and Scale, our sister company, offers related courses. However, it’s the best practice to hire an expert SEO company  to get the fastest result. We are known as one of the best Local SEO companies in Los Angeles. As an expert firm, we consider the following local SEO ranking factors very important for a fast result. Therefore we  implement them on our clients websites while offering affordable SEO programs. 


ON-Page SEO to Help LOcal SEO Ranking

Here is list of important steps we take to improve ranking. After you take a look at them you'll realize why we are one of the best local SEO companies in Los Angels. We go through every single one of these steps to improve a business ranking. This is great source to provide local SEO tips and help you make a better decision.

There are companies with developed software run crawlers 24/7 to find out what’s on every site: Usually they also offer auditing tools to find out the week parts of a website. We run auditing to find out what needs to be improves on a website. 

After an interview with the business owner we do a competitive research to find out the best ranking key phrases that helps competition to rank high. 

On page SEO is the combination of steps we take to make the page engaging for the visitor, while it is strengthens the network, improves loadability, and becomes “likable” for Google.

Local SEO and even in general Search Engine Optimization improves with internally linking the pages. Dead ends get the spiders stuck on a page. And, down the road the pages become hidden from search engines eyes. We build a strong network of the contents in a website. 

Inbound linking is a great local SEO practice, to drive ideal audiences into a website. There are many blogs, directories and sources to get traffic by linking our site to theirs. We do the research and find a great source linking our clients pages to such sources. 

Images and animations can be a good way of attracting clients, but overuse of them adss to (kb) loadability. Heavy pages are ignored. Proper dimensions and pixel sizes of an image improves the loading, and responsiveness of a page. Further more, proper tagging improves click through rate, and ranking down the road.  

Video optimization is one of the most important factor to get lots of engagement on a site. This also helps the click through rate if Rich Data Structure is implemented. 

Distribution and valuable content rather than keyword stuffing is what Google and other search engines have become alert about. They want a real value, and penalize scamming pages. Our team spends a great deal of time to prepare a SEO friendly content for audiences.

OFF-Page SEO to rank high on Google & Google Map

Google Map exposure offers greatest visibility on the first page. Our full service setup boosts the ranking in a short time.

Uploading the sitemap to Webmasters initiates crawling. To accelerate ranking on a page we upload the sitemap and ask for crawling rather than waiting for automated crawling from search engines. 

Search engines score web-pages content based on the time of interaction on a site. And, there is no visitor on a site, this score stay bottom low. To expedite this, we cite the website into other local directories to bring traffic into the site, and let Google evaluate the site. This is  known as local SEO citation. 

Here is a great directory to cite a website. This has a mapping feature. The downside is the aging process of a website. New websites hardly get ranked to the top. But the trick is implementing implementing Rich Snippets.

Google my business is an other opportunity to connect with audiences before they make a “unpleasant” decision, and leave the site. Think about it as a source to warm up cold audiences and let them flow into your real website. That’s the key to use the free site offered by Google.

If we have an offer and we want to get a sharp decision from audiences who are already looking for a solution, Google My Business posting is the way we go. 

Optimization of Google My Business really means constant updating. Search engines like Google seek fresh content. This is one of the most important factors of better ranking on Google map search result. 

OFF-Page Local SEO, Webmaster setup and Google Analytics

This is the soul of the work we do off-page to help a business rank higher on Google searches and get
engagement from visitors.

Google Webmaster is a great tool to optimize a website. Google Search Consul is the hearth of SEO work. We set this up before any offsite SEO work being done. 

We Setup sitemap to help spiders to rout through web-pages easily. This helps a website to improve ranking quickly. 

Uploading the sitemap to Webmasters initiates crawling. To accelerate ranking on a page we upload the sitemap and ask for crawling rather than waiting for automated crawling from search engines. 

After crawlers, spiders or bots start crawling into a website, we get a clear feedback what needs to be done. We take suggested steps to optimize the website, as Google wishes. 

Google Analytics provide a ton of information to understand what’s happening on a site. So, we embrace this power and setup Google Analytics to analyze visitors behavior on a website. Moreover, this is another way of getting feedback and tune accordingly to make better adjustments. 

We setup reporting for are clients to see the progress of their website. Subsequently, this tells clients in what direction they are going, and helps them to make better decisions to improve their business. 

Dashboard is the place we adjust the type of report we are interested in for each client. 

Local SEO Strategy OFF-Page SEO for BING

BING is very strong on search engine category offering fascinating experience for users. Therefore, We utilize this great tool to attract the visitors and help businesses to get more clients.
this is also a part off-page seo we do for our clients.

Bing Marketplace in many aspects works like Google My Business. It’s another source to site a website. This directory is one of the best directories because of the connection to their own search engine (BING). Many fans search on Bing and can find a business locally on their favorite search engine. This is an other powerful local SEO stop to get free traffic online. 

Posting offers on Bing Marketplace is another way of helping cold audiences to take actions, just like Google My Business Posting. After we setup the page, we create posts for audiences on Bing Marketplace. 

Just as what we do on Google to register sitemaps, we do the same here to help a website rank better on Bing. 

Bing Webmaster offer more features than Google Webmaster to understand what happens on a website. Consequently, we use this source to optimize the pages better. As a result, this helps ranking faster on Bing search engine.

Consequence of Delaying Local SEO Marketing

Many businesses realized, and utilized this power and kept growing bigger, while many more others others kept struggling to keep up with competition. Note that, search engines automatically send their spiders to scan web-pages, but without a proper SEO work, websites most probably won’t rank high.

In short, hiring a great web designer with a digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization background is needed for proper SEO marketing setup just from the beginning. Sadly,  avoiding implementation of Local SEO can result:

  • Not detectable 
  • Not visible
  • Unsolved Robotex errors.
  • Content relevancy issues
  • Loadability  problems
  • AMP errors
  • Redirecting problems
  • and many more

Under those circumstances, avoiding constant optimization to find out about the problems, and keeping up with the competition can result into a loss of effort. 

As a finale point, startup companies with a proper SEO can overcome the “older” companies in ranking in a short time. Therefore, that’s the best solution to get free traffic online. Hence, BEEZ Marketing Agency can offer many affordable programs, so businesses start growing rapidly just off the bat.