3 SEO Techniques and SEO mistakes many still make

Avoid 3 SEO Techniques and SEO mistakes many still make

This article is about the different old tactics that many people used before that are outdated that you should stop doing. First you should stop using AdWord based keyword research. Second, you should stop prioritizing number one ranking strategy over SEO techniques that gain traffic. Finally, you should stop attempting to gain rankings by only linking.

SEO Keywords research mistakes: AdWord based keyword research:

Adword based keyword research should be stopped because it is not only outdated, it is also highly inaccurate. Along with that, it hides many keywords that they might not think would be commercially helpful. Instead you should replace it with clickstream data driven tools which help with your websites CTR percentage. We offer premium packages with affordable pricing to make marketing possible for businesses.

prioritize number one ranking
3 SEO mistakes to avoid

Prioritizing number one ranking strategy over SEO techniques that create traffic:

Along with not basing your website from AdWord keyword research, you also should not prioritize number one ranking over SEO techniques that create traffic. This is because it isn’t worth the process to go through because it only increases you ROI per hour spent. Instead you should replace it with long tail targeting. This is when you go after keywords that don’t have high competition which will help you get a number one ranking easier than going through highly competitive keywords. To learn how to run your own marketing skills go to our Coach and Scale website.

Avoid gaining ranking only by linking:

You should lastly avoid gaining ranking only by linking because now you can not only rely on it to get you majority of the way to the top. Instead, it should be replaced by content upgrades, brand growth and UX optimization. Content upgrades are improving the content on the page. Brand growth is when you include your brand more with the keyword. UX optimization is when you get the users experience and capitalizing it on the content so you can better serve the people searching though your page.

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