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BEEZ Marketing

Beez Marketing Agency registered business under Coach and Scale Corporation provides services to business to scale up their service. 

Web design

We provide very unique style of web design combining marketing, and page design techniques. Our philosophy is to populate "Modern marketing" and reduce the sceptics, be unique, position away from the competition, and be a leader in the market.

Organic Marketing

No one can say and ignore the importance of unexpected flow of traffic into a business. The prices of marketing on search engine, and social media keep rising, and to get the optimum result, lots of optimization of campaign is required. That’s why any free traffic into a business is like blessing. We implement many approaches to create an organic flow of traffic into our clients sites. 


No matter the number of visitor into a site, if a site doesn’t have a good content to engage with visitors, they will bounce, and leave the site without taking any action. A weak web page can ruin all the marketing effort in less than 10 seconds. A great engaging site is built on 2 giant pillars of technology and content. 

PPC Marketing

Pay per click (PPC) marketing is the accelerating factor of a business growth. To compensate the response rate of the organic traffic,  marketing on search engines or social media per click can help the scaling. There are many approaches for paid marketing.


Traffic from multiple sources is the key. Many web pages FAIL in the first place. If your site doesn’t have enough visitor it’s considered a “Dead site.”


Engagement is the second in the row, to says the right things to the right visitors. Funnels are the most effective and focused approaches. The secret is to lead a right visitor in to the right content. 


Traffic combined with proper engagement is the first essential part to scale a business. Well designed web pages, and funnels with advanced marketing strategies that leads to profit.


Web developers are designers to build pages. We are marketers to create engagement with visitors. That's the most important factor to standout in the crowed. Our marketing approach helps to creation of a unique site.

Audience Spectrum

Your audiences have to be lead into relative pages to create most engaging experience. Your content is the most essential after driving traffic to your page.

Digital Marketing

We are expert to run digital marketing campaigns on multiple platforms and search engines.

Content Marketing

Strategic approaches are needed to convert a cold audience into a warm paying client. Flow of content on different marketing media with different group of audiences is less know factor to many web developers. We as a marketers create content that touches the visitors' interest.

Comprehensive List of Services to Expand Your Business

You’ll learn how to start from scratch to build your site, equipped with modern technologies to keep your site updated. You’ll gain the power to modify, ad, and upgrade your site, and even create a new site for a new service, independent of “Tech guy”. You’ll build your forever lasting and growing website and attract more clients. 

We’ll show you the development cycle of a complete client attraction system. This will help you to create room for the future expansion and modification. We show you how  to plan a compete system, design and equip fully loaded marketing gadgets, to implement, monitor, track, test and modify. 

You’ll discover how to build your landing page on your site, rather than building a landing page on a third party platform. You’ll save ton of money right there. Driving traffic to your site on your landing page can help your business on search engine ranking. This helps you save thousands of dollars and allows you to spend on marketing rather than paying 3rd party software companies.  

I will  show you to conserve your knowledge, and effort to use it over and over helping people effortlessly. You’ll get the benefit of building you membership site and the content on one of the fastest networks. 

All parts of a the work, including payment processing setup will be done “in house”. We’ll show you how to do it yourself simply. This empowers you to become independent, implement and test your ideas right away which is the most important factor in success for a coach. 

We’ll show you how to create booking page to schedule your clients for high ticket sales. We’ll show you how to use the link through out your funnels, blogs, and all the pages to convert warm audiences. 

One good possible way to help more with less effort is to set up group coaching programs. We’ll show you how to build the structure of your group coaching programs. 

We’ll show you how to create email engagement list, and campaigns. You’ll be exposed to well know strategies of email engagement. This a powerful and cheapest tool to acquire clients, to serve them better, and to keep them updated with your products. 

Tracking is the most important part after driving traffic to your content. Without tracking you’ll be wasting your marketing effort. Tracking helps marketers convert  very cold audiences into warm prospects, after consistent attempts. 

Who comes to your site? What is the device? Where is it directed from?  How long stays? What gets visitor’s attention? and many other factors can help you to improve your content. We will show you how to utilize it. It can help you optimize your system to build a solid pipeline of traffic into your site and convert them into raving fan of your coaching practice. 

What is better than having your webinar on you page with all tracking system and measurements. You’ll find out about the dropouts, and learn where to make modifications, test and observe. We’ll show the most common strategies to create a webinar content.

Facebook is  a fabulous source of traffic, but constant changes becomes stressful for times. Price increase is another factor I don’t like to rely only on Facebook.

Marketing on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger is one possible way of many other great ways of advertising that we will walk you through. 

Forever Green Coaching membership program is to show you how to set up your multi-source of traffic. 

Search network is a great method to find audiences who are ready to convert. Search network ads appear on google search engine site. 

Display network is dominating method of remaketing online. Affinity marketing is another great strategic approach to target audiences visiting competitors websites. 

Yahoo still has fans and people who do search on yahoo search engine. That can be another source of pipeline to bring prospects into your door. We have a schedule on one of the phases of FCG to walk you through setting up your Native ads. 

YouTube is indexed 1-3 for the past couple of years. There are great ways of targeting prospects on YouTube channels.  Forever Green Coaching shows how to setup your YouTube Marketing to grow your coaching business, to acquire life coaching clients and grow your business. 

Microsoft competes with other search engines, and provides fast and quick integration of Google ads with Bing for marketing. There are many people who are fan of Bing, and they can be targeted to bring them into your coaching program. 

I’ll show you methods smart marketing, how a business can build a “self promoting” services.